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Wellness with Supplements

Life lived to the fullest – isn’t that what we’re all striving to achieve?

Traditional Practice

Thousands of years of wellness practices have contributed to key ingredients in our formulas

Modern Science

Through modern science, we have been able to extract vitamins and compounds previously unavailable.

Wellness Today

VitaPost supplements use a blend of modern science and ancient cultures wellness practices.

Enriched by nature


We believe in the power of nature's herbal gifts as much as the science that describes them.

Targeted support

Targeted Formulas

Looking to support a specific area of your life? Our targeted formulas were designed with focus and precision.

Why choose VitaPost

A Bit About Us

VitaPost is your trusted dietary supplement brand. We've worked hard over the years to build up our catalog to develop a broad range of formulas, for people in all stages of life.

Each VitaPost product has been properly considered from all angles; traditional, scientific and popular. This means we don't just follow what our competitors are saying, we draw our own conclusions about a product's ingredients and benefits.

We respect and value the advances in nutrition offered by modern science and chemistry, but equally we're firm believers in the power of the nutrients, compounds and extracts found in nature. With this pragmatic approach we hope to bring the most nutritional goodness to our customers.

Support the machine

System Support

The body functions much like a machine with systems that work together cohesively. Support some of your body’s key systems.

Overall wellbeing

General Support

Support general wellbeing with formulas designed with a range of benefits. Perfect for anyone taking a holistic approach to wellness.